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Phleb Squad provides services throughout the Midwest to patients. We make your blood draw quick and convenient from the comfort of your home. We work with specialty labs, research groups and clinical trials.
About us

Our mission is to exceed expectations by being the bridge between your blood draw and convenience. We are here to accommodate you from your home.

We understand that time is of the essence so we leverage every moment to improve patient care.

How It Works

The physician will order the tests and supply the patient with the laboratory requisition form and kit. Patients will receive a confirmation with the appointment date and time. 

The specimen collection will be performed by a licensed professional phlebotomist. The phlebotomist will contact you to schedule the visit. The phlebotomist will process and ship the specimen. A tracking number for the sample will be available as well. 

The laboratory receives the sample and conducts the analysis. The results then will be made available to the physician. Physicians will go over the results with the patient. 

We aim to provide the best service to accommodate and exceed your expectations while making it convenient. 

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